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0.2.6 - April 2, 2008
* found a more simple way of doing stdin without any extra gem dependencies
0.2.5 - April 2, 2008
* Command line interface can now use stdin for posting (ideas and example code from Jeremy Friesen)
$ twitter post 'test without stdin' # => twitters: test without stdin
$ echo 'test with stdin' | twitter post 'and an argv[1]' # => twitters: test with stdin and an argv[1]
$ echo 'test with stdin without any argv[1]' | twitter post # => twitters: test with stdin without any argv[1]
0.2.4 - Mar 31, 2008
* Added lite option to friends and followers, which doesn't include the user's current status (Daniel Morrison)
* Updated since option to use HTTP header, and added the option on timeline() and replies(). (Daniel Morrison)
0.2.3 - Jan 16, 2008
* added d to command line interface twitter d jnunemaker 'hola' (Humbucker)
* added progress dots when posting for confirmation when twitter is running slow (Hendy Irawan)
0.2.2 - added leave and follow which are new twitter api methods for turning notifications on and off
0.2.0 - Aug 4, 2007
* added sent_messages
* alias direct_messages to received_messages
* added create_friendship
* added destroy_friendship
* added featured to retrieve the featured twitter users
* added replies
* added destroy to destroy a status by id
* added status to find a status by id
* added active support as an extra dependency
* implemented d method to send direct messages (jnewland)
* fixed since argument in direct_messages method (jnewland)
0.1.1 - May 20, 2007
* hpricot 0.5+ now supported; just a bug fix (Ryan Waldron is the man!)
0.1.0 - March 31, 2007
* added d method for creating direct messages (waiting for it to work as documented)
* added featured method for getting featured users statuses (waiting for it to work as documented)
* added direct_messages method
* added friends_for method
* added a few tests
* removed relative_created_at as it is deprecated
* separated out the call method into call, request and parse methods
0.0.5 - just a bit of code cleanup
0.0.4 - added :location, :description, :url, :profile_image_url to user class (Alex Payne)
0.0.3 - added a bit more informative message when things go wrong
0.0.2 - added the command line options i forgot to add (friend and follower); improved some docs
0.0.1 - initial release
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