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Mathematical Visualization Menagerie

This is a collection of mathematical visualization functions written in Python using the Matplotlib library. Please watch our greatest hits on youtube and visit the VIZ blog for more examples and information.

  • Complex Roots (video) - Histograms of the roots of complex polynomials with varying coefficients.

  • Dynamical Systems (video) - Fractals generated by iterating various functions over random points.

  • Mystery Curves (gif) - Periodic complex functions.

  • Newton's Method (video) - Fractals generated by the convergence of random points towards the roots of functions.

  • Polar Curves (images) - Visual experiments using polar coordinates.

  • Random Walks (images) - Visual experiments using random processes.

  • mencoder.txt - A short list of helpful mencoder commands.

Also check out our Paper.js repo and Processing2 repo for experiments with JavaScript!