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Fiona-Rasterio-Shapely Cheat Sheet

A cheat sheet for Fiona/Rasterio/Shapely command-line geodata tools, with apologies to @dwtkns. Suggestions welcome!

See or fio --help and or rio --help for more about Fiona and Rasterio commands.

Vector operations

Get Fiona version

New in 1.4.3

fio --version

Enumerate format drivers

New in 1.4.3

fio env --formats

Get vector information

fio info input.shp

Print vector format

fio info input.shp --format

Print vector extent

fio info input.shp --bounds

Print vector coordinate reference system

fio info input.shp --crs

Print count of features

fio info input.shp --count

Convert vectors to GeoJSON

With coordinate reference system transformation and rounding of numbers to a constant precision.

fio cat input.shp --dst_crs EPSG:4326 \
| fio collect --precision 6 > output.json

Convert between vector formats

fio cat input.shp | fio load --format Shapefile output.shp

Print count of features with attributes matching a given pattern

Using grep.

fio cat input.shp | grep -c "pattern"

Using jq.

fio cat input.shp | jq '.properties.my_prop=="pattern"' | grep -c "true"

Select features by long/lat bounding box

fio cat input.shp --bbox "$WEST,$SOUTH,$EAST,$NORTH"

Select features by bounds of another dataset

$ fio cat input.shp --bbox "`fio info other.shp --bounds | tr ' ' ','`"

Reproject vector

fio cat input.shp --dst_crs EPSG:4326 \
| fio load --sequence --format Shapefile --dst_crs EPSG:4326 output.shp

Merge features in a vector file by attribute ("dissolve")


Merge vector files

fio cat *.shp | fio load --format Shapefile merged.shp

Merge vector files (to GeoJSON)

fio cat *.shp | fio collect > merged.json

Filter a vector file

Using jq for filtering and geojsonio-cli for display of results.

fio cat input.shp \
| jq 'select(.id=="10")' -c \
| fio collect \
| geojsonio

Filter a vector file in parallel

Using GNU Parallel

fio cat input.shp \
| parallel --pipe "jq -c 'select(.id==\"10\")'" \
| fio collect \
| geojsonio

Subset & filter all shapefiles in a directory


Raster operations

Get Rasterio version

New in 0.15

rio --version

Enumerate format drivers

New in 0.15

rio env --formats

Get raster information

As JSON – no more scraping the output of gdalinfo!

rio info input.tif

Print raster format (not JSON)

rio info input.tif --format

Print raster extent

rio info input.tif --bounds

Print raster coordinate reference system

rio info input.tif --crs

Print count of raster bands

rio info input.tif --count

Get raster extent as GeoJSON

And pipe to geojsonio-cli:

rio bounds input.tif | geojsonio

Concatenate or stack datasets together

New in 0.15.

rio stack r.tif g.tif b.tif -o rgb.tif

Extract vectors from raster band as GeoJSON

rio shapes input.tif --bidx 1 > output.json

Extract data/nodata vectors from raster as GeoJSON

rio shapes input.tif --mask > output.json

Burn vector into raster

rio-rasterize is new in 0.18

$ rio rasterize output.tif --res 0.0167 < input.geojson

Sample values of a dataset

rio-sample is new in 0.18.

$ cat << EOF | rio sample input.tif
> [220649.99999832606, 2719199.999999095]

Copy georeferencing, tags, and nodata attribute from one dataset to another

rio-edit-info is new in 0.24.

$ rio edit-info unreferenced.jpg --like referenced.tif --all

(Lots of other operations TODO)

Coordinate transforms

Transform long/lat to other CRS

$ rio transform "[-78.0, 23.0]" --dst_crs EPSG:32618 --precision 2

Transform many pairs of long/lat

$ cat << EOF | rio transform --dst_crs EPSG:32618 --precision 2
> [-78.0, 23.0]
> [-79.0, 24.0]


Fiona-Rasterio-Shapely Cheat Sheet







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