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Graber i3 3D Printer

This is the home of the Graber i3 3D printer:

This printer design takes a lot of inspiration from Josef Prusa's awesome Prusa i3 printer:

I have decided to give it a name as the design is enough of a departure from its predecessor that it needs differentiating. I am calling it the "Graber i3" 3D printer. Note on pronunciation: the 'a' in 'Graber' is long.

What I have done is completely redesign the entire i3 concept to make it laser cuttable. Some designs have taken this idea part-way, making the frame laser cuttable along with certain motor mounts. With my design, there are no printed parts, although one could print certain parts if need-be.

The overall build envelope dimensions remain the same as the Prusa i3, which is 200mm x 200mm x 200mm.

A bill of materials is forthcoming. That said, it is really pretty straight-forward once you have the laser cut frame put together. I have added some basic labeling to each part to make assembly easier and here is the part rundown:

  • Bottom (A) - 1
  • Left Brace (B) - 1
  • Right Brace (C) - 1
  • Front (D) - 1
  • Back (E) - 1
  • Frame (F) - 1
  • Z-Motor Mount Bottom (G) - 2
  • Z-Motor Mount Bottom Brace (H) - 2
  • Z-Top (I) - 2
  • Z-Smooth Rod Constraint (J) - 2
  • Y-Motor Mount (K) - 1
  • Y-Idler (L) - 2
  • Y-Carriage (M) - 1
  • X-Carriage (N) - 2
  • Y-Smooth Rod Stop (O) - 4
  • Y-Belt Holder (P) - 2
  • X-axis smooth rod spacer (Q) - 4
  • X-Idler Front (R) - 1
  • X-Idler Middle (S) - 1
  • X-Idler Back (T) - 1
  • X-Idler Top / Bottom (U) - 2
  • X-Idler Cap (V) - 1
  • X-Motor Front (W) - 1
  • X-Motor Middle (X)- 1
  • X-Motor Back (Y) - 1
  • X-Motor Top / Bottom (Z) - 2
  • X-Motor Cap (AA) - 1

NOTE: The long term goal is to make this 3D printer completely laser cuttable, minus the extruder. Right now the x-motor and x-idler parts remain the only parts untested. I have just committed an x-idler and x-motor that may work. If you choose to build this printer before these parts are tested, you can use the standard Prusa i3 x-motor and x-idler parts (even the x-carriage too if you want) and the printer will work fine. Expect regular changes to this repository in the coming weeks, so don't get too comfortable if you download this to cut just yet. :)

If you find a bug, I welcome notifications, fixes, and even new contributions.


This printer is released under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE v.3, same as its predecessor. See for further details.


Since this printer is released under the GNU GPL v.3, it is free for anyone to use, reuse, sell, etc. One thing I'd ask is if you do sell it that you financially contributing back to its continued development and maintenance. Contact me at if willing.