WebEd CMS - a cms based on Laravel 5.5
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Welcome to WebEd CMS

A CMS based on Laravel 5.5

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If you cannot login, please visit this link https://cms.sgsoft-studio.com/reset-password to reset password.


WebEd is a free open source!

WebEd has been discontinued

I would like to say thanks that you guys use this cms, but I'm so appreciated that I cannot continue develop WebEd. I do not have enough time and my financial situation is not good. I'm so sorry. ^^ You guys can use another cms, such as Voyager,...

Some cool features of WebEd CMS:

  • Modular packages.
  • Manage files with Elfinder.
  • ACL.
  • Menu management with drag & drop.
  • Database caching.
  • Themes & plugins management.
  • Hook (actions hook, filters hook).
  • Manage pages, blocks, blog, contact form, Google Analytics, custom fields...

System Requirement

On this projects, I use the latest Laravel version (currently 5.5). Please go to laravel documentation page to check your system requirements.

WebEd installation guide

Install directly from composer

composer create-project --prefer-dist sgsoft-studio/webed webed

Install to the existing project

Require WebEd to your composer.json by this command

composer require sgsoft-studio/base:4.0.*

Open file config/auth.php, change the web login model to WebEd\Base\Users\Models\User::class.

Change WebEd database prefix

By default, all WebEd tables have we_ prefix. If you want to change them, open your public/index.php, add these line on top of this file:

define('WEBED_DB_PREFIX', 'we_');


php artisan key:generate
php artisan cms:install

Access to dashboard:

php artisan serve

You can config admin route by modify the .env:


All available WebEd env config:

#Caching service

#Admin route alias

If you see this message when enable plugins/themes, it's because of your server does not support composer dump-autoload helper. Try to run composer dump-autoload by yourself.

The base module of this class is enabled, but class not found: xxx. Please review and add the namespace of this module to composer autoload section, then run composer dump-autoload


Download the plugins and places it at /plugins folder.

Plugins list All plugins with released version is 4.0.* will stable with WebEd 4.0.

Need more support?