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shadhavar: log collector * read logs * semi real time * run command, and collect output * continous output (ex: dstat) * output from one command (ex: df) * auto configure via central configuration system * lightweight * send to multicast address via zmq (zmq: easy and fast, and assures correct transfer of data / messages)
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The collector is the data harvesting client of shadhavar.

It currently depends on python (2.6 and later) and optionally on py-setproctitle.


  • Configuration is loaded from files on the machine running the collector, but a remote server can push changes as well. Files will be parsed using confuse
  • Data will be collected by simple plugins, running in seperate processes.
  • Planned plugins
    • Files
    • Sockets
    • Commands (both continously running and returning programs)
  • No parsing keeps the collector light
  • Messages are sent to the server using zeromq


  • The basic plugin infrastructure has been implemented
  • Configuration uses json at the moment, only $PWD/config is read. Global options:
    • socketpath: string; path to the socket used for communication with plugins
  • Implemented plugins and their config options:
    • Dummy: Sends the same message every second
      • message: string; literal string sent to the collector
    • UDS: Reads unix domain sockets, useful for e.g. syslog
      • listen: boolean; indicates whether the socket should be bound or not
      • path: string; path to the socket
      • type: string; socket type, "DGRAM" for datagram, "STREAM" for stream
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