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  1. System proxy configuration
  2. PAC mode and global mode
  3. GeoSite and user rules
  4. Supports HTTP proxy
  5. Supports server auto switching
  6. Supports UDP relay (see Usage)
  7. Supports plugins


Download the latest release from release page.


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher, Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (x86) .


  1. Find Shadowsocks icon in the notification tray
  2. You can add multiple servers in servers menu
  3. Select Enable System Proxy menu to enable system proxy. Please disable other proxy addons in your browser, or set them to use system proxy
  4. You can also configure your browser proxy manually if you don't want to enable system proxy. Set Socks5 or HTTP proxy to You can change this port in Servers -> Edit Servers


  • The PAC rules are generated from the geosite database in v2fly/domain-list-community.
  • Generation modes: whitelist mode and blacklist mode.
  • Domain groups: geositeDirectGroups and geositeProxiedGroups.
    • geositeDirectGroups is initialized with cn and geolocation-!cn@cn.
    • geositeProxiedGroups is initialized with geolocation-!cn.
  • To switch between different modes, modify the geositePreferDirect property in gui-config.json
    • When geositePreferDirect is false (default), PAC works in whitelist mode. Exception rules are generated from geositeDirectGroups. Unmatched domains goes through the proxy.
    • When geositePreferDirect is true, PAC works in blacklist mode. Blocking rules are generated from geositeProxiedGroups. Exception rules are generated from geositeDirectGroups. Unmatched domains are connected to directly.
  • Starting from, shadowsocks-windows defaults to whitelist mode with Chinese domains excluded from connecting via the proxy.
  • The new default values make sure that:
    • When in whitelist mode, Chinese domains, including non-Chinese companies' Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.
    • When in blacklist mode, only non-Chinese domains goes through the proxy. Chinese domains, as well as non-Chinese companies' Chinese CDNs, are connected to directly.

User-defined rules

  • To define your own PAC rules, it's recommended to use the user-rule.txt file.
  • You can also modify pac.txt directly. But your modifications won't persist after updating geosite from the upstream.

For Windows10 Store and related applications, please execute the following command under Admin privilege:

netsh winhttp import proxy source=ie

Server Auto Switching

  1. Load balance: choosing server randomly
  2. High availability: choosing the best server (low latency and packet loss)
  3. Choose By Total Package Loss: ping and choose. Please also enable Availability Statistics in the menu if you want to use this
  4. Write your own strategy by implement IStrategy interface and send us a pull request!


For UDP, you need to use SocksCap or ProxyCap to force programs you want to be proxied to tunnel over Shadowsocks

Multiple Instances

If you want to manage multiple servers using other tools like SwitchyOmega, you can start multiple Shadowsocks instances. To avoid configuration conflicts, copy Shadowsocks to a new directory and choose a different local port.


If you would like to connect to server via a plugin, please set the plugin's path (relative or absolute) on Edit Servers form. Note: Forward Proxy will not be used while a plugin is enabled.

Details: Working with non SIP003 standard Plugin.

Global hotkeys

Hotkeys could be registered automatically on startup. If you are using multiple instances of Shadowsocks, you must set different key combination for each instance.

How to input?

  1. Put focus in the corresponding textbox.
  2. Press the key combination that you want to use.
  3. Release all keys when you think it is ready.
  4. Your input appears in the textbox.

How to change?

  1. Put focus in the corresponding textbox.
  2. Press BackSpace key to clear content.
  3. Re-input new key combination.

How to deactivate?

  1. Clear content in the textbox that you want to deactivate, if you want to deactivate all, please clear all textboxes.
  2. Press OK button to confirm.

Meaning of label color

  • Green: This key combination is not occupied by other programs and register successfully.
  • Yellow: This key combination is occupied by other programs and you have to change to another one.
  • Transparent without color: The initial status.

Server Configuration

Please visit Servers for more information.


Experimental Features


  1. [Visual Studio 2019] & .NET Framework 4.7.2 Developer Pack are required.
  2. It is recommended to share your idea on the Issue Board before you start to work, especially for feature development.



Open Source Components / Libraries

Caseless.Fody (MIT)    
Costura.Fody (MIT)     
Fody (MIT)             
GlobalHotKey (GPLv3)   
MdXaml (MIT)           
Newtonsoft.Json (MIT)  
ReactiveUI.WPF (MIT)   
ReactiveUI.Events.WPF (MIT)
ReactiveUI.Fody (MIT)  
ReactiveUI.Validation (MIT)
WPFLocalizationExtension (MS-PL)
ZXing.Net (Apache 2.0) 

libsscrypto (GPLv2)
Privoxy (GPLv2)
Sysproxy ()  
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