Install Shadowsocks Server on Windows

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Notice: this page is for server side. If you are looking for clients, visit clients.

Server deployment on Windows is discouraged, since the select API performs very poor. If you want to serve many users, you should always set up your server on Linux. Please visit README for more details.

  1. Download and install Python for Windows, you can download x86-64 MSI installer in 64bit Windows.
  2. During installation you should install pip
  3. Install OpenSSL for Windows. If you installed 64bit Python, you should install 64bit OpenSSL.
  4. Install shadowsocks like Linux. In Command Prompt, type command line
     pip install shadowsocks
  5. If you want to use salsa20 or chacha20 encryption, download libsodium and put dll files (without path) into C:\Windows\System32 or C:\Windows\SysWOW64 (32bit Python on 64bit Windows).
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