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A simple theme for Hugo

It's a port of the Nest Pelican theme.




$ git clone https://github.com/shaform/hugo-theme-den themes/den

Important: Take a look inside the exampleSite directory of this theme. You'll find a file called config.toml. To use it, copy the config.toml in the root directory of your Hugo site. You can customize it for your site.

Language Support

Translations are collected from the themes/den/i18n/ directory (built into the theme), as well as translations present in i18n/ at the root of your project. The translations will be merged and take precedence over what is in the theme folder.

Set the default language using defaultContentLanguage:

defaultContentLanguage = "en"  # en / zh-tw / other...

Update Theme

cd ./themes/den/
git pull


Released under the GPLv2 License.