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ibus-freearray - FreeArray Input Method for IBus Framework

Installation Notes
By default, `make install' installs the ibus-freearray component xml file
under `/usr/local/share/ibus/component', which may not be right.
Depending on where you installed ibus, you should specify an installation
prefix manually, it's most likely to be: `./configure --prefix=/usr'

ibus-freearray requires libibus-dev and libsqlite3-dev to build, if you use
Ubuntu, type the follownig in the terminal to install them:
`sudo aptitude install libibus-dev libsqlite3-dev'

The normal installation process:
`./configure --prefix=/usr'
`sudo make install'

ibus-freearray - FreeArray for Test for the Input Bus

ibus-freearray is a Chinese input engine for IBus.
Based on Array 30, it includes the phrasing module of libchewing and
introduces a new way of inputting symbols called Array Symbol Input.
Also, it fully supports qwerty & dvorak keyboard layouts.

ibus-freearray is a technical preview and experimental work of freearray input method.
It is intended to be used to test the possibility of freearray only.


ibus-freearray incorporates code from the following projects:

libchewing - Copyright (c) 2008 libchewing Core Team.
             License: GNU LGPL 2.1

ibus-chewing - Copyright (c) 2009 Red Hat, Inc.
               Copyright (c) 2009 Ding-Yi Chen <dchen at>
               License: GNU GPL 2 or (at your option) any later version

ibus-array - Copyright (c) 2009 Yu-Chun Wang <>
             License: GNU GPL 3

ibus-freearray is free software, the entire package is released
under GPLv3, see COPYING for detail.

The behaviour of auto-clear mode and auto-input mode

When auto_clear_mode is enabled, the KeyCode buffer will be cleared
if you press space for two times but cannot get the right character.
Also, pressing easy symbol key for two times also activate autoclear.

In auto input mode, pressing valid KeyCode keys for two times
when the KeyCode buffer is full and cannot get the right character,
autoclear would also be activated if in auto-clear-mode. If you
press a easy symbol key, ibus-freearray would try to input the KeyCodes
in the buffer, and input the symbol afterward if succeeded,
if not succeeded, auto-clear may be activated to clear the KeyCodes,
in that case, the symbol would be input also.

The implementation of short code, special code and phrase input

When you input a phrase, ibus-freearray would try to find
the original ArrayCode of every character in the phrase,
and input them one by one. While doing this, ibus-freearray
would create a select interval for every one of them to prevent
the character from being changed by the phrasing module.

It works almost the same when you input a short code/special code
character, but the original ArrayCode of every character in Short Code
input & Special Code input is stored in the database already.
So ibus-freearray would not need to find it in somewhere else.


FreeArray Input Method for IBus Framework







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