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A test selector for your component-based Ruby/Rails application #cbra
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Prints a list of the components that have changed since the last commit and for which tests need to be run. Uses the dependencies within component-based Ruby/Rails applications (#cbra) to also print all transitively affected components.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'cobratest'

And then execute:

$ bundle

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install cobratest


cobratest [OPTION] [application path]

Test runner employing the structure of Component-based Ruby/Rails apps to optimize what needs to run.

Options are...
    -h, -H, --help                   Display this help message.
    -r, --results                    DEFAULT Display the directories of the components in need of running tests
    -t, --test-runner RUNNER         Choose a test runner
    -v, --verbose                    Verbose output of all parts of the calculation
    -s, --since BRANCH               Specify BRANCH target to calculate against


There are sample #cbra folder structures in spec/examples. Here is an example run when changing a file in component C:

$ bin/cobratest ./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A

This output can be used to run the necessary tests like so:

bin/cobratest ./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A | xargs -n1 /bin/bash

You can choose a different test runner like so:

$ bin/cobratest --test-runner 'myrunner --option 1' ./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A
./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/B/myrunner --option 1
./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/C/myrunner --option 1
./cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A/myrunner --option 1

In verbose mode one can check the correctness of cobratest's calculation:

$ bin/cobratest -v ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A
All components
B    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/B
C    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/C
D    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/D
E1   ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/E1
E2   ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/E2
F    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/F
A    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A

Changes since last commit

Directly affected components
C    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/C

Transitively affected components
B    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/B
C    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/C
A    ./cobra/cobratest/spec/examples/letters/A

Test scripts to run


  • make algorithm work for structures where a gem is in a sub folder of another gem (only the inner gem should be directly affected)
  • allow for other test runners to be specified


Copyright (c) 2014 Stephan Hagemann,, @shageman

Released under the MIT license. See LICENSE file for details.

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