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add support for pfUI-UnitFrames
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shagu committed Feb 15, 2017
1 parent df7d567 commit a5ee56c
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38 changes: 38 additions & 0 deletions Plugins/Clique_pfUI.lua
@@ -0,0 +1,38 @@
This is a template for the plugin/module system for Clique.
Plugins are typically used to tie Clique to a specific set of unit frames, but
can also be used to add functionality to the system through a manner of hooks.
Plugins are registered with Clique with a shortname that is used for all slash
commands. In addition they are required to have a fullname parameter that is
used in all display messages
local Plugin = Clique:NewModule("pfUI")
Plugin.fullname = "pfUI UnitFrames"
Plugin.url = ""
function Plugin:Test()
return pfUI
function Plugin:OnEnable()
pfUI.uf.ClickActionOld = pfUI.uf.ClickAction
pfUI.uf.ClickAction = Plugin.OnClick
function Plugin:OnDisable()
pfUI.uf.ClickAction = pfUI.uf.ClickActionOld
function Plugin:OnClick()
local button = arg1
local label = this.label or ""
local id = or ""
local unit = label .. id
if not Clique:OnClick(button, unit) then
1 change: 1 addition & 0 deletions Plugins/Plugins.xml
Expand Up @@ -34,4 +34,5 @@
<Script file="Clique_WatchDog.lua"/>
<Script file="Clique_XPerl.lua"/>
<Script file="Clique_AofHeal.lua"/>
<Script file="Clique_pfUI.lua"/>

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