A simple sheet metal workbench for FreeCAD
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FreeCAD SheetMetal Workbench

A simple sheet metal workbench for FreeCAD

Demo Workflow


  • Folding tools: Shai Seger @shaise
    Based and inspired by Javier Martínez's (@JMG1) code
  • Unfolding tool: Copyright 2014 by Ulrich Brammer <ulrich1a[at]users.sourceforge.net> AKA @ulrich1a


For installation and how to use, please visit:
Starting from FreeCAD 0.17 it can be installed via the Addon Manager (from Tools menu)

Release notes:

  • V0.2.04 21 Sep 2018: Fix K-Factor bug
  • V0.2.03 20 Sep 2018: Merge easyw PR: Add seperate color for inner sketch lines. (issue #46). Change Gui layout
  • V0.2.02 15 Sep 2018: Add color selection for unfold sketches (issue #41)
  • V0.2.01 15 Sep 2018: Fix bug when not generating sketch (issue #42). Support separate color for bend lines (issue #41)
  • V0.2.00 04 Sep 2018: Make SheetMetal compatible with Python 3 and QT 5
  • V0.1.40 20 Aug 2018: Merge Ulrich's V20 unfolder script - supports many more sheet metal cases and more robust
  • V0.1.32 25 Jun 2018: New feature: Option to separately unfold bends. Thank you jaisejames!
  • V0.1.31 25 Jun 2018: Support ellipses and parabolas, Try standard sketch conversion first
  • V0.1.30 25 Jun 2018:
    New feature: Generate unfold sketch with folding marks. Issue #33. Thank you easyw-fc!
    New feature: K-Factor foe unfolding is now editable. Issue #30
  • V0.1.21 19 Jun 2018: Fixed back negative bend angles, restrict miter to +/- 80 degrees
  • V0.1.20 19 Jun 2018:
    Add bend extension to make the bended wall wider
    Add relief shape selection (rounded or flat)
    Double clicking on a bent in the tree view, brings a dialog to select different faces (good when editing the base object breaks the bend, and new faces need to be selected)
    Setting miter angle now works with unfold command
    Thank you jaisejames for all these new features!!
  • V0.1.13 10 May 2018: Change unbending method so shape refinement can work.
  • V0.1.12 25 Mar 2018: Allow negative bend angles. Change XPM icons to SVG
  • V0.1.11 01 Feb 2018: fix Issue #23: when there is a gap only on one side, an extra face is added to the other
  • V0.1.10 11 Nov 2017: Add miter option to bends. By @jaisejames
  • V0.1.02 22 Jun 2017: Fix nesting bug, when saving and loading file
  • V0.1.01 03 Mar 2017: Support version 0.17. (strting from build 10423)
  • V0.0.13 07 Sep 2015: Add negative gaps for extrude function. (per deveee request)
  • V0.012 07 Sep 2015: Fix issue submitted by deveee
  • V0.010 13 Jun 2015: Add Ulrich's great unfolding tool. Thanks!!!
  • V0.002 12 Jun 2015: Fix Save/Load issues
  • V0.001 11 Jun 2015: Initial version