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A new take on John Resig's TestSwarm

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TestMob is a distributed unit test system loosely based on John Resig's project TestSwarm. Manual unit testing Javascript across a variety of OS's, browsers and devices is a very time consuming process. TestMob allows many clients to join the mob. As soon as a request to kick off a test comes in, all available clients begin to run the tests. When a client completes the suite the results are sent back to the initiator.

Use in your site

  • Include the following snippet in your unit tests after all of your included unit tests:
  <script src=""></script>
  • Open up a browser which will act as the "boss". The boss does not run tests but initiates a job and collects results. Open and start a family.
  • Open up a second browser which will act as an "associate". Associates do jobs.
  • Open Join the same family as the boss.
  • Return to the boss. Enter the "Job Address" (unit test address) . Start the job.
  • Watch the results flow in.


  • TestMob can currently only be used with QUnit.
  • Unit Tests must be reachable by all members of the family.

Running locally

  • Clone the repo - git://
  • npm install
  • npm run - By default, the server listens on These can be changed by specifying the IP_ADDRESS and PORT environment variables.

Libraries/parts of libraries Used:


Getting involved:

I am happy to review submissions!


This software is available under version 2.0 of the MPL:

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