C++ code navigation in Vim editor.
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C++ code navigation in Vim editor.

rtags uses clang to find symbol references, definitions, etc.


Vundle can be used to install and update this plugin.

vim-rtags requires that Vim was compiled with +byte_offset enabled.

The rtags bin directory needs to be in your PATH.


Note: <localleader> is backslash, unless overridden by maplocalleader.

<localleader>r find references to the symbol under the cursor.
:RtagsFind symbol find definition/declarations of symbol

See ./ftplugin/c.vim to define custom mappings.

The Vim-unimpared plugin can help with navigating the output of vim-rtags. It maps:

  • [l, ]l to move up/down a line in the "location list" window
  • [L, ]L to move to first/last entry, and
  • [<C-L>, ]<C-L> to jump to previous/next file.

To do

  • Make it work when a source file has not been saved. Note: buffers other than the current one may have significant unsaved changes. (A special case exists where a buffer has never been saved.) The simplest solution might be just to save everything that has been modified/created before calling rtags.
  • Automatically start rdm. (rc should start rdm if it can't connect to rdm.)
  • Lots more!