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Gitmeme has a few different parts to it

  • The browser extension, in the /extension folder
  • The popup part of the browser extension, in the /popup folder
  • The API, in the /site/functions folder
  • The public facing website in the /site/ui folder.

These are all built with TypeScript, similar to Javascript but with variable types. See each of the sections below for instructions on how to work with them.

Browser Extension

The browser extension is written in TypeScript, but is otherwise vanilla code, no React used. This is because it mostly involves modifying the existing website contents of

First install the extension into Chrome by going to chrome://extensions and clicking the Load unpacked extension button, then choosing the /extension folder.

The main file that is loaded is /extension/src/contentScript.ts: this is the entry point for the extension. To modify the CSS, change the /extension/src/style.css file.

Because the extension is built with Typescript, you need to run a build script to see the effects in the browser. Do this by running yarn build in the /extension folder. Then, go to chrome://extensions in your browser and click the refresh button in the Gitmeme extension. Next, refresh the Github page you were testing on.

Browser Extension Popup

The browser extension popup is a mostly standalone React app, written in Typescript. The source code for it is in the /popup folder. You can edit it like any React app, then build it with yarn build. This builds the Typescript and copies the result into the /extension/popup folder. Next, go to chrome://extensions in your browser and click the refresh button in the Gitmeme extension, the click refresh the Github page you were testing on.


Gitmeme has an API is used to record the most popular images, and to fetch lists of them. It uses Google Firebase as a host. If you're not Shane you likely won't need to touch it.

If you want to develop on your own Firebase project, you'll need to create a Service Account file in your Firebase project, and put it in the site/functions/src/service_account.ts file, see the site/functions/src/service_account_example.ts file for an example of how to format the file.

To run the API locally for testing, do

cd site/functions yarn serve `

To use the local development version of the API from the extension, uncomment the getFakeUrl() function in the shared/consts.ts file. Note that this code should be commented out again before committing. You'll also need to temporarily add the line "http://localhost:5000/*" to the permissions in extension/manifest.json. This also should not be checked in

Public Website

The public facing website, which you can see at, is built using Gatsby.js, a static site generator around React. The code is at /site/ui, with most of the content being in /site/ui/src.

It's very simple right now, just two pages, index.tsx and image.tsx. To work on it, type yarn start, and it should appear in your browser. Then as you modify it, the browser should update.

The index page is obviously the landing page. We should likely have a link to the extension for download on Chrome and Firefox, and a short video of the extension being used.

The image page is linked to from every image that we insert, and shows the image passed through in the url, as well as some upsell that we can design to get more virality in the app.

To run the site locally for development, do

cd site/ui yarn serve


Gitmeme is a fun application for adding memes and gifs to Github comments







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