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MATLAB code for Audapter
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Audapter is a software package for configurable real-time manipulation of acoustic parameters of speech that runs on general-purpose computers. It is designed for research on auditory-motor interactions in speech production, but may also be of use for certain speech signal processing applications. The current version of Audapter supports manipulation (i.e., perturbation) of the following acoustic parameters:

1) Formant frequencies (F1 and F2), in both static and time-varying ways

2) Fundamental frequency (F0, or pitch)

3) Local timing, through time-warping

4) Local intensity

5) Global time delay (delayed auditory feedback)

6) Global intensity

This repository contains the MATLAB code for Audapter.

The C++ source code for the MEX core of Audapter has not been made public yet. To request it, please write to the author of this repository.

You can download a copy of Audapter manual at:

The MEX files can be downloaded at: and

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