Radio hardware and software projects.
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Radio hardware and software projects, by Jared Boone of ShareBrained Technology, Inc. You'll find software-defined radio designs and breakout boards for interesting components (bandpass filters, VCO+PLL ICs, mixer ICs, LNAs).


I intend to commit only projects that have been fabricated and tested to some extent in the real world. But do check the README for each project to see more details.


  • baseband_digitizer/
    • adc-iq-2185-xp2/: An 80MHz+ quadrature sampler using an FPGA and high-speed USB. _
  • front_end/

    • adrf6850-breakout/: Breakout board for the ADRF6850 100MHz to 1GHz receiver IC.
  • vco_pll/

    • adf4350-breakout/: Breakout board for the ADF4350 VCO+PLL, tuning from 137.5MHz up to 4.4GHz.


Designs are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License unless specified otherwise in the project's README file.


ShareBrained Technology, Inc.