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Fahd Shariff's Dotfiles

I created this repository primarily to store my Bash profile because I hate logging on to a new machine and not having my familiar prompt and favourite aliases! Since then, I have also added configuration files for:

  • tmux
  • vim
  • ssh
  • grc
  • eclipse


I don't have an installation script yet. Just download and extract to your $HOME directory. Remember to backup your files first. Alternatively, extract them to a temp directory, diff against your existing files and see if you are happy with the differences before replacing your files.

Main Features

Bash Profile

My Bash profile has many useful aliases and functions; some invented, others discovered. I also have a powerful prompt. Here is a screenshot of my terminal running tmux:

My Terminal

I have written a series of blog posts describing my profile in detail.


tmux is great for managing multiple sessions. My .tmux.conf has a number of handy bindings to split windows, ssh to machines and open man pages. For more information on tmux take a look at Managing Multiple Terminals with Tmux.


My ssh config is set up to use multiplexing in order to speed up connections to the same server.


I have some very useful Eclipse templates which help in writing Java boilerplate code very fast. To install my templates, open Eclipse and go to Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Templates. Press the Import button to import my templates.xml.

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