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  • Added colorblindness simulations via pastel colorblind, see #80 (@rozbb)
  • Added support for pre-determined colors in pastel distinct, see #88 (@d-dorazio)
  • Added a new set subcommand that can be used to set specific properties of a color (pastel set lightness 0.4, pastel set red 0, etc.), see #43
  • Show the color name in pastel show or pastel color if it is an exact match, for example:
    pastel color ff00ff will show "fuchsia", see #81 (@d-dorazio)
  • Add KColorChooser as a supported color picker, see #79 (@data-man)
  • Add macOS built-in color picker, see #84 (@erydo)
  • Added a new 'count' argument for pastel pick [<count>]


  • pastel distinct has seen massive speedups, see #83 (@d-dorazio)


  • Mixing colors in HSL space with black or white will not rotate the hue towards red (hue 0°), see #76


  • Pastel is now available via Homebrew, see README and #70 (@liamdawson)
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@sharkdp sharkdp released this Aug 29, 2019

  • Added rgb-float as a new format (e.g. pastel random | pastel format rgb-float).
  • pastel pick should now work in 24-bit on Windows, see #45
  • Fix crash for pastel distinct N with N < 2 (show an error message), see #69
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@sharkdp sharkdp released this Aug 25, 2019

  • Truecolor support for Windows (@lzybkr)
  • Re-arranging of colors in pastel distinct so as to maximize the minimal distance to the predecessors
  • Fixed small numerical approximation problem in the 'similar colors' computation
  • Backported to Rust 1.34
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