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Convert, manipulate, analyze, blend, color scales, color schemes
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A package for dealing with colors in PureScript.


> toHexString (hsl 200.0 0.4 0.5)

> cssStringHSLA (seagreen # lighten 0.2 # saturate 0.3)
"hsl(146.45, 80.27%, 56.27%)"

> toHexString <$> colors (colorScale HSL hotpink Nil darksalmon) 5
"#ff69b4" : "#fa6d99" : "#f47182" : "#ef7d76" : "#e9967a" : Nil

> toHexString <$> (sortBy (comparing luminance) [black, white, blue, lightgreen])


Based on initial work by paf31 and inspired by (the PureScript version of) Elm.Color, TinyColor and Chroma.js.


To run the unit tests, the following steps are necessary:

bower install
pulp test

To build the interactive docmentation, run:

cd documentation
bower install
pulp build -O -m Main -t html/test.js
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