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PureScript Contributors

PureScript contributor packages

The Contributors organization was started by PureScript core members and PureScript users to maintain libraries held in common. It is open to a larger membership and set of libraries than the PureScript core organization.

The Contributors organization is a great way to start contributing to PureScript. We welcome new members of the community.

The governance repository contains discussion and guides, including:

  • The contributing guide helps new contributors get started with their first contributions to a member library.
  • The library guidelines guide outlines expectations for each library in the organization, including minimum requirements for maintenance, repository structure, documentation, and testing.
  • The contrib-updater CLI tool helps maintainers with tasks like standardizing repositories, setting issue labels, migrating new libraries into the organization, and more. It also includes templates for common files like READMEs, continuous integration, and more.
  • The Pursuit publishing instructions.

There is a public #contrib channel on the PureScript Discord. (invitation to Discord)


  1. purescript-book purescript-book Public

    Forked from paf31/purescript-book

    Sources for the PureScript book

    PureScript 346 189

  2. purescript-react purescript-react Public

    React Bindings for PureScript

    PureScript 395 66

  3. purescript-aff purescript-aff Public

    An asynchronous effect monad for PureScript

    PureScript 283 68

  4. purescript-profunctor-lenses purescript-profunctor-lenses Public

    Pure profunctor lenses

    PureScript 143 52

  5. purescript-parsing purescript-parsing Public

    A parser combinator library based on Parsec

    PureScript 150 51

  6. purescript-affjax purescript-affjax Public

    An asynchronous AJAX library built using Aff.

    PureScript 121 79


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