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S#arp Architecture: ASP.NET MVC Best Practices with NHibernate

Updated Sep 18, 2016

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Common build system for the Sharp Architecture project

Updated Sep 19, 2016


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SharpArch port of Mike Hadlow's Suteki.TardisBank

Updated Mar 6, 2016

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S#arp Architecture github pages

Updated Jan 24, 2016

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Template project for Sharp Architecture with RavenDB persistance

Updated Jan 9, 2014

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Template project for Sharp Architecture

Updated Jan 9, 2014


Recipes for accomplishing common tasks in S#arp-Architecture

Updated Jan 9, 2014

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Northwind sample of Sharp Architecture

Updated Aug 23, 2012


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This is the contrib project for the S#arp Architecture framework. This project provides additional functionality and alternative approaches to delivering solutions on S#arp projects. Project led by Seif Attar.

Updated Apr 30, 2012


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Who Can Help Me? is a web application that allows communities to capture skill profiles, making it easier to find people who can help you. It is also a technology showcase of Sharp Architecture (including ASP.NET MVC 1.0, NHibernate & Fluent NHibernate).

Updated Apr 3, 2012


forked from jongeorge1/SharpArch.Futures

Things that may make it into Sharp Architecture 2.0, but that you can use now.

Updated Mar 4, 2011