Lua Text Adventure Engine
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Update: My son's adventure is done... It's called The Tenth Freighter

A Lua Text Adventure Engine: Having settled on lua as a first 'real' programming language to teach my son I created a text adventure engine for him to code up some games. (He had a blast with MIT's Scratch and Lego's MindStorms.)

There are two complete, albeit short, examples for him / you to get started with. I am learning Lua as well and so far I love it. Since I am a beginner to Lua I am certain that I am not coding idiomatically; any suggestions are welcome.

He's 10; His eyes were glazing over when I was talking about abstract concepts. He really liked Scratch because it was immediately available; very audio-visual. What sold me on Lua was Codea and iLuaBox. My son was stoked to know that he will soon be getting an iPad.

Once I got one complete adventure written he was excited to do the second with me. Now hopefully he'll take one from cradle to grave with only oversight from me.

Check out the 'Getting Started' page...

Check out this very small example adventure...