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A py-fortress sample project demos RBAC0 in Python
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py-fortress-sample README

This installs py-fortress and runs a simple test program of how the RBAC API works._


Minimum hardware requirements:

  • 1 Core
  • 1 GB RAM

Minimum software requirements:

Clone py-fortress-sample, prepare for usage

  1. Clone py-fortress-sample

    git clone
  2. Change folder into the project:

    cd py-fortress-sample

    you should now be here: py-fortress-sample

  3. Now edit the config file:

    vi sample/ldap/py-fortress-cfg.json

    cfg file is here: py-fortress-sample/sample/ldap/py-fortress-cfg.json

  4. Set the LDAP Port

    "ldap": {
      "port": 32768,

    use value obtained earler

  5. Update the connection parameters (pick one):

    a. apacheds:

    "dn": "uid=admin,ou=system",

    b. openldap:

    "dn": "cn=Manager,dc=example,dc=com",

    per your earlier choice of docker image

Setup Python Runtime and Install py-fortress

  1. Prepare your terminal for execution of python3. From the main dir of the git repo:

    pyvenv env
    . env/bin/activate

    from the py-fortress-sample folder

  2. Install py-fortress:

    pip3 install py-fortress
  3. Change folder to where the sample program is:

    cd sample/ldap

    you're now here: py-fortress-sample/sample/ldap

  4. Prepare the Directory Information Tree:

    You can think of this command as creating tables in a new database instance.


    initldap is a python script, created during install of py-fortress package, that maps here: pyfortress.test.test_dit_dao

  5. Examine the output, should finish almost instaneously (< 1 sec).

    2018-04-06 06:02:45,895 INFO Initialize py-fortress ldap...
    2018-04-06 06:02:45,896 INFO ldap host: localhost, port:32768
    test_bootstrap success
    Ran 1 test in 0.365s

    If it hangs more than a second or two, ctrl-c to kill it. A bug in the ldap pool causes a hang, but it indicates something went wrong with your ldap server setup and/or ldap port wrong...

  6. Run the test program:

  7. View the output:

    Ran 18 tests in 2.388s
  8. Study the APIs in module.

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