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A docsify plugin for creating slideshow-like pages.
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A plugin for docsify that allows you to write documentation which acts like a slideshow.


Simply include the plugin with your docsify project:

<script src="//"></script>

NOTE: This plugin works best in combination with docsify-pagination plugin. Be sure to also enable this plugin on your docsify site for the full experience.

What is it?

This is a simple plugin which gives you a flexible two-column layout via a custom markdown syntax.

Just add:

<!-- slide:break -->


<!-- slide:break-# -->

where # is the percent of the total width you want the left side of the slide to be. (i.e. <!-- slide:break-60 -->)

Check out the example.


  1. Responsive two column layout for your markdown pages.
  2. Reduced margins and spacing to maximize presentation real estate.
  3. docsify sidebar is closed by default, and closed sidebar behavior is fixed on mobile screens.

If you enable docsify-pagination:

  1. Navigate between pages with <- and -> keys.
  2. docsify-pagination acts as a sticky footer, so it is always visible on screen.
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