Jekyll plugin for creating Windows 8.1 live tiles for your site
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Jekyll plugin for Windows 8.1 IE live tiles


  1. Copy jekyll-live-tiles.rb to your _plugins folder
    1. protip: rename to a better name
  2. Add <meta name='msapplication-config' content='/ietemplates/ieconfig.xml' /> to your header file
  3. In your config file (_config.yml) specify
    • ie_frequency: - (optional) the frequency of site polling. Options are {30,60,360,720,1440}. Default is 1440 (1 day)
    • ie_tile_color: - (optional) the color of the windows 8 pinned background tile
    • ie_tile_small: - location of small tile image (For more information of tile sizes visit
    • ie_tile_medium - location of medium tile image
    • ie_tile_wide - location of wide tile image
    • ie_tile_large - location of large tile image
  4. All xml files will write to /ietemplates/filename.xml.