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Utilities for working with user configurations in Nix.
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Utilities for working with user configurations in Nix.



The command delegates to nix-env, so it supports any parameter that nix-env does.

Running nix-home by itself builds and symlinks the files defined in $HOME/default.nix

NOTE: nix-home --dry-run will still attempt to link. This is a bug! #15


nix-build-home builds $HOME/default.nix via nix-build and prints out the derivation. Useful for testing your config without linking to your home directory. Does NOT generate a ./result symlink.


The package for installing nix-home is on the wiki here. Include it in your configuration.nix file via:

environment.systemPackages = [
  ((pkgs.callPackage path/to/nixhome/package.nix) { })


nix-home, when invoked, builds ~/default.nix, which must define a derivation.

nix-home calls nix-env to build a profile from the derivation. The derivation is an overlay that gets linked into your home directory.

There is a helper function in nixhome called mkHome, for making the derivation:

with import <nixpkgs> {};
with import <nixhome> { inherit stdenv; inherit pkgs; };
mkHome {
  user = "username";
  files = {
	 ".screenrc" = ./path-to-file;
	 ".vimrc" = "${somePkg}/path-to-file";
	 ".bashrc".content = ''
		... bashrc conents


Generations are supported via standard nix-env parameters:

* nix-home --list-generations
* nix-home --rollback
* nix-home --switch-generation 1
* nix-home --delete-generations 1 2 3
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