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Getting Started with the SheerID API

The SheerID suite of APIs provide your applications with the ability to verify the group status of your customers. Whether you're offering discounts for active veterans or current students, our system lets you tailor your customers' experiences to your liking.

First Steps

To use the developer sandbox or the full API, you need to sign up for an account.

Once you have done this, log in to the Control Center and create an API key for use in testing. NOTE: you are best off using one API key for testing and one API key for production. You may create any number of API keys without charge, so please make use of the create and disable functions as needed.

Verification Tutorial

We have a walkthrough of the usual way to go about POSTing a verification and what data you will get back. This covers the simpler "automatic verification" path as well as the multistep "manual verification" path.


Common tasks and how to structure them against our API.

API Reference

Exhaustive descriptions for each API resource, including the requirements and optional parameters of each.

Additional Information