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GraphQL Server CLI visualizer. Adapted from original web interface.


$ npm install -g graphqlviz
GraphQL Server CLI visualizer

  -t, --theme      path to theme overrides
  --print-theme    prints default theme to stdout
  --verbose        print introspection result
  -a --auth       set Authorization header for graphql server

  $ graphqlviz [url]
      Renders dot schema from [url] endpoint

  $ graphqlviz https://localhost:3000 | dot -Tpng -o graph.png
  $ graphqlviz https://localhost:3000 -a "Bearer xxxxx" | dot -Tpng -o graph.png
  $ graphqlviz | dot -Tpng | open -f -a Preview
  $ graphqlviz path/to/schema.json | dot -Tpng | open -f -a Preview
  $ graphqlviz path/to/schema.graphql | dot -Tpng | open -f -a Preview
  $ graphqlviz --print-theme > theme.json
  $ graphqlviz https://localhost:3000 -t theme.json | dot -Tpng | open -f -a Preview
  $ graphqlviz schema.json --theme.header.invert=true | dot -Tpng > schema.png

Note that dot is graphviz's tool to produce layered drawings of directed graphs. graphviz is available through most package managers including homebrew and apt-get. Details here:

Customizing output

You can print default theme with graphqlviz --print-theme > theme.json, then you can modify it, and pass with --theme theme.json argument. All the available colors can be found on the graphviz site.

Windows Users

Windows users looking use the dot command should download & install from the graphviz website and ensure the installation location is on the system PATH. It has been reported that, for at least some windows versions, the msi does not automatically add the installation to the PATH. Alternatively the executables can be invoked directly. The installation location will likely be similar to C:\Program Files (x86)\Graphviz2.38\bin\.


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Adam Stankiewicz Nathan Smith Join