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Bioinformatics Core at The University of Sheffield

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  1. periscope periscope Public

    A tool to quantify sub-genomic RNA (sgRNA) expression in SARS-CoV-2 artic network amplicon nanopore sequencing data.

    Python 16 5

  2. Public

    Forked from mmistakes/so-simple-theme

    Website for The University of Sheffield Bioinformatics Core

    HTML 5 14

  3. RNAseq-R RNAseq-R Public

    Forked from bioinformatics-core-shared-training/RNAseq-R

    RNAseq analysis in R workshop

    HTML 3 2

  4. mMinION mMinION Public

    mitochondrial minION data analysis pipeline

    Python 3

  5. spatial_transcriptomics_tutorial spatial_transcriptomics_tutorial Public

    A bare bones tutorial on how to analyse spatial transcriptomics data from raw sequencing reads to visualising spatially distinct features

    HTML 3

  6. microarray-analysis microarray-analysis Public

    Forked from bioinformatics-core-shared-training/microarray-analysis

    Materials on the analysis of microarray expression data; focus on re-analysis of public data (

    HTML 2 2


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