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Visualize bundle for MailMate

Visualize email history and trends.

Pie chart of selected emails by day of week

Bar chart of selected emails by sender

Scatterplot of selected emails over time

Bar chart of selected emails by tag

You can change colors.

Different color

And even plot a moving average instead of raw numbers.

Moving average


You can install this bundle in MailMate by opening the preferences and going to the bundles tab. After installation it will be automatically updated for you.


Select a few - or many! - messages in any folder or in your Inbox.

With those messages selected, you have access to four visualization commands:

  • Emails by correspondents (shortcut: ^c)
  • Emails by sender (shortcut: ^b)
  • Emails by time (shortcut: ^t)
  • Emails by tag (shortcut: ^g)

The plots will then be displayed in Safari.

Hover over parts of the pie chart, bars in the bar chart, or dots in the scatterplot to display more information.

Use the "Save as Image" buttons to produce .pngs from the plots for your records.

Have fun :)


If not otherwise specified (see below), files in this repository fall under the following license:

Permission to copy, use, modify, sell and distribute this software is granted. This software is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty, and with no claim as to its suitability for any purpose.

An exception is made for files in readable text which contain their own license information, or files where an accompanying file exists (in the same directory) with a “-license” suffix added to the base-name name of the original file, and an extension of txt, html, or similar.


To Benny, excellent developer of MailMate, for providing tons of help with the bundle.