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Concerto for MBAACC


Concerto is a graphical front end for CCCaster. This is a prototyping build used to test basic features for advanced implementation.

To use it, just drop Concerto.exe in the same folder as CCCaster. You need to be using the latest version of CCCaster and your caster executable needs to be named cccaster.v3.1.exe to work.

Other players can connect to your online versus host without Concerto as long as they use the same version of CCCaster.

For best usage don't open CCCaster or MBAA.exe on their own while using this program.



This project requires Python version 3.8

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements.txt

Building with Pyinstaller

pyinstaller concerto.spec

This will bundle the Concerto.exe executable into the dist/ directory.

"winpty-agent.exe" is sourced from winpty because we target pywinpty version 0.5.7 for back compatibility to Windows 7 SP1. You may build and run Concerto using the latest version of pywinpty and exclude the .exe however the resulting build will only function on Windows 10.

Customizing UI

It is possible to change the character art and background images by placing certain image file names in your MBAACC game directory.

  • Each character art is the name of its respective screen: main.png, offline.png, online.png, resources.png
  • Each background art is the name of its respective screen suffixed with _bg, i.e. main_bg.png
  • The background art used for online lobbies, about, and How to Play screens is called lobby_bg.png

Each image is loaded directly onto the screen. For best results, make sure all images are 600x400px and keep in mind character arts are rendered above all other UI elements. See included files for examples.

Audio/Visual sources

Art & sound are provided by community members for exclusive use with Concerto.



Development roadmap

This is a list of priorities attached to suspected version labels.

Version 1.0 (first stable build)

  • Lobby functions
  • Mark player for spectating when match begins
  • Direct online
  • All offline functions
  • Basic How to Play guide
  • About & credits screens
  • CCCaster & Concerto configuration screens
  • Trial Mode
  • Matchmaking

Version 1.1 (First Major Update)

  • JPN Localization
  • Lobby tags, creation options, quick chat

2022 Projects

  • EFZ Version

Things to explore

  • Frame data in-client
  • Visual trial builder