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Thanks for shota

This program based on above. For monitoring Linux Virtual Server statistics.


  • Put and into /etc/zabbix/ as executable.
  • Add UserParameter written in below to /etc/zabbix/zabbix_agentd.conf
UserParameter=ipvsadm.activeconn[*],/etc/zabbix/ active $1 $2 $3
UserParameter=ipvsadm.inactconn[*],/etc/zabbix/ inactive $1 $2 $3
UserParameter=ipvsadm.weight[*],/etc/zabbix/ weight $1 $2 $3
  • Allow sudo for zabbix user
Defaults:zabbix !requiretty
zabbix	ALL=(ALL)	NOPASSWD: /sbin/ipvsadm
  • Then test "zabbix_get -s IPADDRESS -k ipvsadm.discovery"
  • If above is OK, import the template "Template_LVS_connections.xml" to zabbix server.
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