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Amazon RDS (for MySQL) input plugin for Fluentd

Gem Version


  • Amazon Web Services RDS(MySQL) general_log and slow_log input plugin.


$ fluent-gem install fluent-plugin-rds-log

Maybe, you also need the following packages

  • MySQL-shared
  • MySQL-shared-compat
  • MySQL-devel

RDS Setting

Working with MySQL Database Log Files / aws documentation

  • Set the log_output parameter to TABLE to write the logs to a database table.
  • Set the slow_query_log parameter to 1
  • Set the general_log parameter to 1
  • setting min_examined_row_limit
  • setting long_query_time


  type rds_log
  log_type <slow_log | general_log>
  host <RDS Hostname1>,<RDS Hostname2>,<RDS Hostname3>.. # multiple database servers(comma separated)
  username <RDS Username>
  password <RDS Password>
  refresh_interval <number>
  auto_reconnect <true|false>
  tag <tag-name>
  add_host false # add database hostname in record
  where <condition> #option

Example GET RDS general_log

  type rds_log
  log_type general_log
  username rds_user
  password rds_password
  refresh_interval 30
  auto_reconnect true
  tag rds-general-log
  add_host false # add database hostname in record
  where argument LIKE '%sample_table%'

<match rds-general-log>
  type file
  path /var/log/rds-general-log



  • require fluentd version 0.14.0