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SEA Script Editor

This is my newest script editor, completely written to be cross-platform and designed with the user in mind. It compiles extremely fast using an SQLite database of commands, which also allows for fast and efficient decompiling as well.

Currently, we are in our "Earlier Than Usual" Alpha release. While it is in an early release alpha, you can help. Simply take a blank Fire Red ROM, attach a script to a free-space location, and just start compiling and testing! If you encounter a bug, either e-mail me at, or write the bug at this thread on Rom Hackers Online:

When submitting a bug, please use the following format:

  • Description
  • Date built
  • Code Inputted
  • Decompiled Code
  • Bytecode
  • Optional: In-Game screenshot of script

Don't feel like just testing? Want to fix some bugs yourself? Want to add new features? Just make a fork of the SEA repository, fix your bug or add your new feature, and submit a pull request. Pending on code reviewal and testing, your modifications may or may not be added.