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Woomïnstaller GX2

Woomïnstaller Screenshot Homebrew package installer for Wii U

##Compiling Notes Compilation requires makefst, WUT, and DevKitPPC portlibs to be installed. The generated output is a .woomy package and a woominstaller_gx2_out folder with raw FST contents.

##Usage Notes This application requires access to texture2D.gsh from either Health and Safety or in content/. This can either be provided through custom firmwares which properly loosen file permissions or by changing the permissions of /vol/storage_mlc01/sys/title/00050010/1004EX00/content/shader/texture2D.gsh to RW for all applications (where X is 0, 1 or 2 depending on the Wii U region). This is due to using GPU acceleration through GX2 while there is no publically accessible GX2 shader compiler (an LLVM-based compiler may be possible in the future). The current alternative would be to build in shaders generated by Nintendo's SDK, which is potentially illegal.