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一个基于server酱推送服务的laravel package,包含一对一和一对多推送
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A Easy Laravel Package for ServerChan

See Server酱

Quick Start Guide

  • Create a Laravel 5.5 project: composer create-project laravel/laravel myproject dev-develop

  • cd myproject

  • Add dependency: composer require sevenshi/serverchan

  • Copy configuration: php artisan vendor:publish

  • set the SCKEY you get from the serverchan on the .env SCKEY=SCU17044T7eafa406fxxxxxxxxxx

Now you are ready to use the Seven Facade, e.g. open routes/web.php:

  • send message to yourself

   $reponse =  Seven::setTitle('hi')->setMessage('hello world')->push();

  • send message to who subscribe your channel

the channel comes from the PushBear,and channel key comes from the channel you create


    $response = Seven::setTitle('hi')->setMessage('hello every body')->setChannel('4794-e28b9dae54e86365773xxx')->pushbear();

  • response

if the request is ok,it will response these data below:


- success {"errno":0,"errmsg":"success","dataset":"done"}


- {"code":0,"message":"","data":"1\u6761\u6d88\u606f\u5df2\u6210\u529f\u63a8\u9001\u5230\u53d1\u9001\u961f\u5217","created":"2018-07-18 14:43:05"}
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