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SHIVA: Spam Honeypot with Intelligent Virtual Analyzer, is an open but controlled relay Spam Honeypot (SpamPot), built on top of Lamson Python framework, with capability of collecting and analyzing all spam thrown at it. Analysis of data captured can be used to get information of phishing attacks, scamming campaigns, malware campaigns, spam botnets, etc. SHIVA is written in Python and currently uses MySQL as its back-end. SHIVA is released under GNU GPL v3.


User manual can be found in the "docs" folder. The manual is divided into various sections

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up SHIVA
  • Configuration
  • Running SHIVA
  • General Problems and Precautions
  • FAQs
  • References

Authors' and license information can also be found in the same folder.

Mailing List

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