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0x00 cheetah-gui

Cheetah is a dictionary-based brute force password webshell tool, running as fast as a cheetah hunt for prey.

Cheetah's working principle is that it can submit a large number of detection passwords based on different web services at once, blasting efficiency is thousands of times other common brute force password webshell tools.

This version is a graphical user version of Cheetah.

0x01 features

  • Fast speed.

  • Support proxy.

  • Support python 2.x and python 3.x

  • Support to read large password dictionary file.

  • Support to remove duplicate passwords of large password dictionary file.

  • Support for automatic detection of web services.

  • Support brute force batch webshell urls password.

  • Support for automatic forgery request header.

  • Currently support php, jsp, asp, aspx webshell.

0x02 download and use

git clone
cd cheetah

0x03 bug

If there is a bug in the process of using welcome to submit issues, I will promptly reply and repair.