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= Walkabout - Shoes 3.3
The name reflects back to when Shoes creator why_the_lucky_stiff disappeared
from the internet. He went walkabout! We changed some icons and backgrounds
to relect that whimsical theme.
Walkabout (3.3+) will be less compatible with the unmaintained 3.1 and with 4.0 (jRuby)
We have interesting ideas of we what we do with Shoes that may be difficult
to immplememt in Shoes 4.
-------------- Shoes 3.3.7 ------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.7
* See wiki.
* Multiple Monitor support.
* Menubar and menus
* Settings class
Provides Linux dbus registration.
* Gtk3 theming (Linux and Windows)
Most themes are not pure Gtk3 or version dependent - they may not work
for you and/or your users.
* Merge style packaging for Windows avoids Win 10 packaging problems.
requires Windows machine or VM to perform Windows packaging.
* Merge style packaging for Linux - create deb
Must be done on a like machine/os
* Merge style packaging for OSX - must be done on OSX.
=== Fixed with 3.3.7
* Major fixes to radio buttons. Possible backwards compatibilty issues.
* Fewer complaints (none?) from Gkt 3.20+ systems
* OSX: fullscreen incomplete
* = now works as documented.
May Break Existing Scripts
* command line --ruby working again
* OSX: buttons can be created that use non default height.
* Finally fixed the pristine gems error for OSX.
=== Developer Issues with 3.3.7
* Vagrant boxes are available for ease of building
* make/**/env.rb - link against distributed libyaml
* Added lib/package/* for merge packaging.
* Using nsis 3.03 for Windows installer. Maintained and faster!
with unicode and large string enabled. Potential to break
user written installers.
* Better cross build rakefiles: xrpi, xwin7 and xmsys2 targets.
* Includes plugin for MXE to build all Windows dependencies
new target 'mxe' is the preferred target for Windows
method of cross compiling for Windows.
=== Known Bugs
Resize Windows with menubars manually
-------------- Shoes 3.3.6 -------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.6
* Can set font and stroke color for Button, edit_line, edit_box,
list_box and switch native widgets.
=== Fixed with 3.3.6
Linux versions may not have workable symlinks to .so's
=== Developer Issues with 3.3.6
* remove undocumented game mode for shoes.terminal
* fixed many gtk3 deprecations.
-------------- Shoes 3.3.5 --------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.5
* Add 'wheel' event
* can preprocess events with new event {block}
Experts Only
=== Fixed with 3.3.5
* Arch linux (probably others) are missing symlinks to libraries
* Windows cpu utilization
* OSX High Sierra (10.13) couldn't start Shoes
* Profiling has new output options for workaround
=== Developer Issues with 3.3.5
* no Linux 32 bit provided.
* last release for osx 10.9 (mavericks)
* freebsd status is 'experts with free time'
-------------- Shoes 3.3.4 ---------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.4
* Uses Ruby 2.3.4 (2.3.3 on Windows) and Rubygems 2.6.12+ and
* New widget! - systray sends tiny status messages to the
host OS desktop.
* New platform - freebsd 11.1 (64). Can build, run, install and package for.
* Dead platform - 32 bit i686 (Linux intel) target is no longer supported
* libcurl.dll/dylib/so and new gems are included with Shoes. require 'typhoeus'
to use it. When net/http and open_uri is too confusing, arcane and limiting.
On Windows it's not faster (or slower) - just better in other ways.
* Method app.resize can programaticly expand the window.
* Windows can be positioned
* can enable/disable image cache
See Advanced->appmethods in Manual.
=== Fixed with 3.3.4
* When Shoes is installed on a system with existing rvm/rbenv it
might use the wrong set of gems.
* Fixed some SSL issues for download and image (Windows).
Ruby/Windows (net/http) ssl problems remain unfixed.
* Improved Windows downloading speed - still sub-par but better than
* some downloaded images don't have an etag (cough, manual Image example)
=== Developer issues with 3.3.4
* rake does a better job of dealing with changes in lib/shoes/*.rb, static/manual-en.txt
and changes in samples/*/*.rb. You can change these without a full rebuild.
* new freebsd target (loose and tight shoes)
-------------- Shoes 3.3.3 ---------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.3
* Ruby 2.2.7 and RubyGems 2.6.10 (Windows is Ruby 2.2.6)
* can specify your own title for ask_open_file and similar file dialogs
* new manual search engine - see below.
* tooltips for native widgets (not all widgets for all platforms)
review the Manual for how to use.
* new widget - Switch - kind of like checkbox but different.
Read the manual and run the examples within.
* new widget Spinner
Read the manual and run the examples within.
* related side project, exe-shoes updated. Has a gui to guide you in
configuring your Shoes is hidden, Windows 10 happy, app installer.
* Shoes includes the ffi-1.9.18 native gem which many gems prefer over
Ruby's 'fiddle' - both are included. Less need for users to deal with
compiling problems.
* new samples added
* background can take a `scroll: true' so it scrolls as many expect.
=== developer issues with 3.3.3
* new target 'msys2' for windows builds. Work in progress.
prebuilt dependcies for msys2 has newer Gtk 3.14.15
NOT ready for prime time.
* Shoes manual has a new text search engine - 'picky' which added these gems into
* Chipmunk and Sqlite are now real gems, maintained by others. Shoes
no longer has exts nor the pseudo gems: ftsearch, chipmunk, sqlite3, hpricot.
Newer sqlite3 & chipmunk gems are included as real gems.
** Major restucturing of C source code.
Less monolithic, more files but smaller files.
* rake files cleaned up and much faster if you are developing at the C level.
* cleanup - remove unused code and old comments. Ongoing, of course.
* samples and files are renamed to better fit a 'cleanup'
=== Fixed with 3.3.3
* OSX retina display should work. Finder->Show Info displays accurate info
* Restored Windows Theme (for Windows) - slows initialization slightly.
* redirects of http to https - common now a days.
* allow some Shoes built in dialogs like ask, confirm, ...
to be used before is called.
* gifs are working on Windows again
* improve the manual
* plots/charts draw more reliably.
* background doesn't scroll as expected
new feaure.
* moved samples/classbook.* to samples/good/_why-stories.*
* Manual disply of samples (Furthermore->Sample) now
explicitly ordered from simple to good to expert.
* fix samples/simple/sqlites3.rb to work better on windows
and use UTF-8
-------------- Shoes 3.3.2 ----------------------------------
=== New with 3.3.2
* Ruby is updated to 2.2.6 (windows still uses 2.2.4)
* gems is updated to 2.6.8
* Profiler with both a GUI and the more traditional text report.
Written in Shoes and Ruby so you can modify it if you like.
* Shoes.show_console is now Shoes.terminal with many options for size, and
colors. It can handle some common escape sequences (colors and bolding)
On Windows:
Use Msys> cshoes.exe
or install one of those ANSI dll things for your DOS era console.
Rumor: Win 10 does support ansi escape sequences on it's console.
Sometimes Win7 does ok with some escape sequence.
On OSX - scrollbars might not show up. page up/down keys and home/end
and scroll wheel do work.
Useful for running unit tests of Shoes and other terminal stuff like the
profiler text report.
Note: raspbian may have font issues for 'monospace' font.
* exit should no long be used. Please use Shoes.quit
* plot widget (line,bar,scatter, pie charts and radar/spider)
expect some confusion and bugs.
* rename method 'refresh_slot' to 'refresh' before too many people
use the old name. This could break some scripts.
=== Fixed with 3.3.2
* Radio buttons fix
* A new launch script for OSX (cshoes) that works like Linux and Windows
from the command line. Use Cobbler to create your osx cshoes script.
* Windows: bug261 - fix font loading
* debugging with byebug is much better.
* fixed: click and release methods return the documented button. top, left
values. Button numbers start with left button = 1 and increases from there.
How many buttons and how they are numbered is not something Shoes can know
about so it's the user repsonsibility to be cross platform with buttons > 1.
=== Developer isssues for 3.3.2
* no improvements per se although I consider the byebug and osx cshoes major
improvements for Shoes internals developers
=== New with 3.3.1
* Video widget. If you have VLC installed, Shoes will find it (and
you can tell Shoes where your VLC is). Once found, you can use it.
You can not package VLC with you script however.
Caution: may not work on OSX < 10.10
* Secondary packaging. Use a Shoes installer script to install your app. Not
for the casual. Pretty damn clever and confusing so there's likely to
be bugs and confusion.
* Uses Ruby 2.2.4. If you have native Gems that were built by earlier
versions, they may not work. - Uninstall and reinstall the gem.
* Windows: Shoes comes with win32-shortcut gem. Undocumented and the
online docs you do find are not always up to date.
=== Fixed with 3.3.1
* start {} blocks on stacks and flows work much better.
* Windows: does not use FONTCONFIG_FILE env var.
Benefits: Faster install, multiple installs, enables merge packaging
* Linux: fixed edit_box bug with Gtk >= 3.16
* OSX: don't duplicate windows. Nasty if it happens to you.
Cshoes suffered from this bug too. That works better now for OSX.
* Windows: ask_color crashes.
* updated wiki article on building shoes with Linux.
* remote debugger issue with newer byebug
=== Developer issues for 3.3.1
* deleted gtk2 code. Video code is included.
Some rakefiles were modified and are slightly less confusing.
* Windows: dependencies have changed - using Gtk 3.10.9
Download from
if you need them - it's a huge file!
=== new with 3.3.0
* Uses Gtk3 (not gtk2) for Linux and Windows. This will change visuals
on both platorms.
* add font and wrap styles for list_box. A popular request - we are
limited to what Gtk3 can do, however.
The default behaviour for long strings in the list box is now to
ellispise ... in the middle. THIS could effect your current apps.
Issue 109
* A new Svg widget to display svg images - similar to Image but
NOT the same. Has aspect scaling options based on the svg internals.
See samples/good-svgview.rb. samples/good-flip.rb and the manual.
We also include a svg deck of playing cards.
It's a bit fragile so please file bug reports and feature requests.
Very verbose Issue 54 -
Pay attention to the OSX workaround #178
Preliminary save and export methods:
Issue #177
* add a refresh slot method
Issue 152
* Uses ruby 2.1.7 and rubygems 2.4.7
Issue 164
* New splash screen (no animation).
* added samples/good-image-rotate.rb because it's fun to watch.
Issue 157 -
=== Fixed with 3.3.0
* OSX - do not use home brew to manage dependecies.
* Remove pango-querymodules from OSX. Yay!
Issue 156 -
* Uninstall Shoes menu item for Linux (for some window managers)
Issue 31 -
* repaint after slot remove
Issue 151 -
* Windows: 256x256 icons failed when packaging.
Issue 10 -
* developer name and RVM and linker info gets embedded in
binary libraries. No solution worth persueing.
Issue 66 -
* Windows: fontconfig problems if you build shoes and download shoes
Issue 141 -
= Federales - Shoes 3.2
=== Oct 21, 2015 3.2.26
* patch release (but what a patch!)
* OSX only. restore ability to build for 10.9
=== New with 3.2.25
* Added methods to edit_box - append(string) and scroll_to_end
=== Fixed with 3.2.25
* documented app.slot(). Fixes #044
* really remove shy temp file remants on Windows
=== Infrastructure for 3.2.25
* Created a new Shoes Mailing List
* Created a new git project to process apache logs for
=== New with 3.2.24
* added show_console command for OSX and Linux to match Windows.
Dumber that dumb console. Works with readline if you don't expect too
much. Although -w and --console switches do work on the command line
you probably don't need them now that you can call Shoes::show_console
Issue #127
* OSX: new cshoes script for using Shoes from the command line.
fixes some annoyances.
=== Fixed with 3.2.24
* Restore old behaviour with ask/alert/confirm auto converting to
Issue 111 -
* OSX: Fix issue #08 (again)
* OSX issue #20, 137 - command line incomplete, multiple apps
* dialog works better
Issue #119
Issue #136
* OSX: ask() dialog gets an icon like alert() and confirm()
Issue #138
* Windows: can now find the correct timezone for
Issue #123
* Windows packaging bug
Issue #128
=== New with 3.2.23
* snapshot works like image - it collects image effects and
writes them to a file (pdf, svg or ps)
Search the manual for 'snapshot'.
* undocumented skew method on images
Use manual search for 'skew'
* Cobbler gets a couple of new buttons to show the manual or splash.
* Windows: cmd line user packaged app can have a console window.
* Changes to gems - nokogiri replaces 'hpricot'
* Ruby updated to 2.1.6
* Ruby gems updated to 2.4.7 plus updates to bigdecimal..
* byebug gem is included for debugging Ruby/Shoes scripts and .shy
=== Fixed with 3.2.23
* Click event not working when a scroll bar is scrolled down
* Scrolling with mousewheel on a scrollbar within a stack is not working
* Border are allways at 1 pixel offset in containing slot
* radio button, unusual behaviour
* scroll wheel speed
* Alert placed in the position of first opened window
Not fixed for OSX.
=== Building Shoes
* platform specific extconf.rb files for hpricot, sqlite3, chipmunk
* add PackShoes.make_shy method and wiki article
* separate compiling gems (mostly of a Ruby thing) and copying gems
which is what Shoes does now. Lots of changes to rakefiles.
* Command line folks can create platfrom specific pre-compiled binary
gems that Cobbler can load into ~/+gems.
== Mar 26, 2015
=== New with 3.2.22
* Discovered a Slider widget (Shoes element) that no one documented.
* Documented image effects. Cool stuff that was mostly unknown.
* Added (minimal) documentation for fullscreen, set_window_title,
set_window_icon_path for special situations.
* Enabled Gtk2 theme engine on Windows. Better looking UI. Can be
changed by a knowledable user.
* The Ruby included with Shoes doesn't have ancient gdbm compatabibility
It's a feature you probably don't care about.
* alert, ask, confirm dialogs can change the "Shoes says" and "Shoes asks"
title string to a user given string (or default) on to none at all.
=== Bugs fixed in 3.2.22
* Fixed a crash in samples/simple-sphere.rb when running on 64 bit
* OSX: edit_lines would screw up the appearance of later elements
* Windows: Cleaned up many font problems and console warnings.
* OSX: Radio Buttons (and groups of) now work.
=== Developer improvements in 3.2.22
* create VERSION.txt like Shoes used to do.
* add git based release numbers
* continue cleanup of rakefiles. Many consistentcy/small minds fixes.
added ability to configure some builds with a xxxx-custom.yaml that
won't be overwritten with a git fetch or pull.
* build newer dependencies for Windows.
== Feb 15, 2015
=== New with 3.2.21
* New splash screen
* Backwards and forward buttons for Shoes Manual
* Shoes console performs autoscroll down
Also does char wrap instead of word wrap.
* Add IRB like capability
* Update downloads to Ruby 2.1.5 and Rubygems 2.4.5. Fixes gem ssl problems.
=== Bugs fixed in 3.2.21
* Can now build Shoes on Windows
* font discovery improved on Windows
* Fix shape sample in manual
* More manual bug fixes.
=== Animal Shelter
* Can build Snowleopard on Snowleopard
* Can build Snowleopard from Mavericks (mostly works)
* Shoes still works on Windows XP.
== January 2014 to January 2015
* Move to ruby 2.1.x
* Restructure ruby/lib to match ruby (lib/ruby)
* requires properly built Rubies (--enable-load-relative)
* enables cross compiling on Linux for Windows and other Linux arch.
* added Raspberry pi (arch: armhf)
Windows uses gtk2 (shared with Linux) instead of native windows calls.
Remove curl, winhttp, sqlite3 dependencies.
Gem fixes
* Update to current rubygems
* Improve odds of success for Shoes.setup
* Provide a gem manager written in Shoes.
* possible to use gems installed outside of Shoes (aka jailbreak)
Re-wrote packaging
* Not tied to one website. It can be changed. Fixed download stubs.
* Web site cgi determines architures and version to display. Shoes adapts.
* replace binject (exe and dmg) with ruby alternatives
* Updated NSIS (Windows).
* Linux installer uses xdg-desktop-menu
* Simple .tgz for OSX.
Added Cobbler (Maintain Shoes)
* Displays build info
* Manages gems
* Allows changing websites
* Allows jailbreak (gems outside of sandbox)
Bug fixes of note:
* Windows does not hang or use 100% cpu when idling.
Many minor bug fixes.
Simplified and complexified Rake files.
= Policeman
== 17th August, 2010
* Move to Ruby 1.9.1
* General stability improvements
* Updated all dependancies
* Ported OSX to Cocoa
* Now works with Windows Vista and Windows 7
= Raisins (0.r1134)
== 5th December, 2008
* Built-in Shoes manual. (Alt-?)
* Error console. (Alt-/)
* In-memory and on-disk image cache.
* Asynchronous download method.
* External font support.
* Packager for building EXE, DMG, RUN and SHY.
* Effects (blurs, shadows, glows).
* Arbitrary shape method.
* Image blocks.
* Switched from Carbon to Cocoa.
* RubyGems integration.
= Curious (0.r396)
== 8th January, 2008
* First official release of Shoes.
* Support for OS X, Win32 and GTK+.
* Scrolling stacks newly added.
* VLC embedded for Video.