Shoes Implementations

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Color First Commit Backend Number of commits Remarks
(Red) Shoes Jul 29 2007 Gtk / Cocoa / Win32 1824 Original version by _why
Green Shoes Sep 12 2010 Gtk2 373
Blue Shoes Oct 4 2010 Qt 23
Brown Shoes Okt 5 2010 SWT / Swing 1816 Adaptation of Red Shoes
Orange Shoes Jan 4 2011 HTML/Javascript 12
Purple Shoes Jan 19 2012 SWT 169
Black Shoes Apr 30 2012 HTML/Javascript 17 Completely in CoffeeScript, no Ruby
Shoes 4 May 24 2012 SWT 623
White Shoes (none) Mock/null-implementation

There is a series of blog posts about the Rainbow of Shoes over on the Shoes blog.

The last release of the original Shoes, now known as Red Shoes was 3.0. Development on Red Shoes is made difficult however by the fact that it implements three backends (for Win/Mac/*nix) with a lot of obscure C code. Red Shoes is still the most complete implementation, and the reference for the rest, but it is no longer actively developed.

There has been a lot of experimentation to reimplement the Shoes DSL in a more cross-platform way. The focus now is to develop Shoes4 with a pluggable back end system. By having shared front-end (DSL) code, there should be less duplication between projects, and a more stable DSL across backends. The first backend to be implemented is SWT on JRuby, which is cross platform by nature. There is also a Qt backend in the works.

Of the other implementations Green Shoes is the most complete.

If you want to play with, and compare several of these, have a look at Choes. An easy way of switching between the different versions.

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