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Node-RED nodes for Pimoroni Automation HAT/pHAT

Pimoroni Automation HAT

Provides nodes

  • Automation HAT:
    • Output Node:
      • Sinking Outputs
      • Relays (1-3 on HAT and 1 only on pHAT)
      • Lights (not on pHAT)
    • Input Node (triggered based on change in input):
      • Buffered Inputs (binary)
      • Analog ADC 1-3 - 12-bit ADC @ 0-25.85V (±2% accuracy)
      • Analog ADC 4 - 12-bit ADC @ 0-3.3V (not on pHAT)
    • Reader Node:
      • On demand reading of input nodes

Unsupported features

  • Other Pins exposed only break out section: SPI, TX (#14), RX (#15), #25 pins
  • Controlling individual indicator lights on each input/output beyond the auto_lights capability.

More Information

More information and examples of using this node can be found in my blog post Hopefully this will provide some inspiration.

Where to buy


Dependency - Node and Node-Red

Details of how to install Node and Node-Red needed for this project on Raspberry Pi can be found here. The script at the top of the page ensures you have the latest supported versions ready for this project.

Dependency - Automation HAT Python Library

First you'll need the Python dependencies for Automation HAT, you can install these with our one-line installer, as per these instructions

curl | bash

Automation HAT Node-RED

Installation via Node-Red

Run Node-Red and open setting menu, and select Manage palette. Select the install tab, and enter node-red-automation-hat

Install via Node-Red

Installation via NPM

npm install node-red-contrib-automation-hat

After installing via npm you will need to restart Node-Red

Installation from latest source on GitHub

To install this node you should:

  • Change to your users node-red nodes directory:

    cd ~/.node-red/node_modules

    Note: older node installation may use the location: ~/.node-red/nodes):

  • Clone this repository:

    git clone
  • Start Node-Red and you should see the new Automation HAT nodes within the Raspberry Pi section.


This project is based on the ExplorerHAT node implementation published by Pimoroni.