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Shotgun creates an event log entry for every action that happens on your Shotgun site. You can see these events in your site, as well as through the Shotgun API. In addition to simply seeing your event history, you can write your own event listener scripts to poll the EventLog and act on certain events you care about. Your script can execute other internal scripts in your pipeline, use the Shotgun API to update data Shotgun, or both.

The event trigger framework is a daemon process that runs on a server and monitors the Shotgun event stream. When events are found, the daemon hands the events out to a series of registered plugins. Each plugin can process the event as it wishes.


Known Issues

  • When processing a large amount of items through a batch process. The resulting events may not be processed. There is code to address this but it is rather new and might not be completely bug free.

If you would like to submit issues please go to the GitHub issues page.

Going forward

Here is some stuff that could be changed or added going forward:

  • Parallelize the processing of events. A tough one considering possible event dependencies.
  • Pass all data to the callbacks using a context object for better future scalability.
  • Allow for late creation of the Shotgun connections on access by the callback.
  • Make config reading more robust.
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