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Shoutem is a mobile app builder that has enabled the making of over 2500 applications that are now active in both stores.

The story

Only 20% of the app development lifecycle is innovative and creative. The other 80% is boilerplate: common app functionalities, implementing push notifications, ads, analytics, integrating with custom backend, publishing app and the list goes on... Shoutem was built with the mission to put an end to this.

React Native

When React Native was released, big part of developer community embraced it as “the” cross-platform technology. Its “learn once, write anywhere” approach combined with nativeness beat already shaken hybrid technologies. It was the point in history when developers decided they wanted to use the same knowledge between multiple platforms. And we recognized that point. We made a bold decision based on our experience and decided to open Shoutem as a platform built upon React Native.

New app creating lifecycle

We're introducing a new app creating lifecycle for React Native, in which apps are divided smaller reusable modules. That's how Shoutem extensions were born. We prepared over 20 of those modules, combined with customizable app CMS and automated app publishing, to take care of the boring stuff and make sure that React Native app development is fun and enjoyable all the way.

Shoutem extensions are now in alpha.