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docker run -it -p :8080 shprink/wphc-dockerbox bash

Build (only for the owner)

docker build -t shprink/wphc-dockerbox .
docker push shprink/wphc-dockerbox


  • To see running containers: docker ps
  • To see all containers: docker ps -a
  • To stop a container: docker stop [container_id_or_name]
  • To start an existing container: docker start [container_id_or_name]
  • To see the logs of a container:docker logs -f [container_id_or_name] -f is
  • To remove a container: docker rm <Container ID>
  • To remove all containers: docker rm $(docker ps -a -q)
  • To remove images: docker rmi <Container ID>
  • To remove all images: docker rmi $(docker images -a -q)

Install WPHC Commands

npm run installWPHC && npm run installCordova

npm run devserver
npm run dumpdev
npm run dumpprod
npm run build