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jshred is a Java library containing classes I am frequently using. Maybe some are also useful for you?

jshred is mainly a collection of Swing classes I wrote in the last couple of years. Since Swing seems to be almost dead, there will be only very minor changes in this library in the future.

Note that jshred-spring has been moved to commons-taglib now. Please do not use jshred-spring on new projects and move old projects to commons-tablib.

This software is part of the Shredzone Commons.


  • Sortable JTable
  • HTTPRequest with file upload support
  • Miscellaneous Swing helpers
  • JLabelGroup for simple form layouts
  • JSortedTable for sorted tables
  • JPanel with background gradients
  • JImageViewer to view images
  • CSVLine to read and write CSV lines
  • A very simple XMLWriter
  • A confirm dialog which can remeber the last decision
  • A Swing component for print previews
  • A dialog headline component
  • and more...


See the online documentation.


jshred requires at least JDK 1.7.

  • R19 was the last release that required at least JDK 1.6.
  • R17 was the last release that required at least JDK 1.5.
  • R14 was the last release that required at least JDK 1.4.
  • R12 was the last release that required at least JDK 1.2 (some parts JDK 1.3).

If you are updating from R14 or earlier, note that R15 brought some changes in the API that are not downward compatible. Deprecated methods have been removed, and other methods got a new signature to reflect the new generics and enum features. It is highly recommended that you recompile your software and check it for compile errors when you update from R14 or earlier. If you just replace the jar file, your program will likely break at runtime.



jshred is released under GNU General Public License Version 3, GNU Lesser General Public License Version 3, Apache License 2.0. It is free software. You may also use jshred in a commercial software free of charge, without needing to buy a commercial license or release your source code.


Collection of more or less useful Java and Swing classes





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