Swordsmanship Master Fighting game in Unity3D. Battle Scheme is learnt from Mount&Blade and 流星蝴蝶剑.
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Drag n Sword

Drag n Sword is a sword fighting game in Unity3D. Battle Scheme is learnt from Mount&Blade and 流星蝴蝶剑.

By Shuai Shao, Zimeng Yang, and Liang Peng.



Design Concept

Concept Sketch Model Preview
concept preview

This is a Chinese martial fighting game with non standard control scheme. The most attracting feature is that the player control how its character swing and stab sword by click and drag mouse to draw certain pattern. And the skeleton animation of characters are dynamically related to how fast and well the pattern is drawn. In addition, special moves with extra damage and range can be casted by drawing a complex pattern within a limited of time, which can best demonstrate the variety of swordsmanship usually described in martial arts and swordsman novel in a much better way than a traditional fighting can do. Swordsmanship ranging from Tornado Sword, focus on the speed and rapidity, to Darksteel Sword, slow but dangerously powerful can be well reflected in their effects in drawing patterns, damage, speed, hit test zone, skeleton moves, and so on.

Character Design

  • Di Ke 狄克 - a lonely swordsman with fast movements.
  • concept


  • Feb 19 2016

    • Build, rig, and import models
    • Basic running and walking movements from standard assets
    • Animator state machine with layer and mask
    • Basic Cursor gesture input
  • Feb 27 2016

    • Basic UI
    • Complete Animation for normal attacks and blocks
    • Advanced character movement control: orientation alignment
    • Basic collision test
  • March 16 2016

    • All sorts of Refinement
    • Complete AI
    • Menu scene
    • A second character
    • Multiplayer with network