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Cross Platform Quotes Application built with Angular and Nativescript.
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NGXP Quotes App

Quotes application for Web and Mobile (Android, iOS) with single code base buit with Angular and Nativescript.

If you want to create your own cross-platform app similar to this, check this starter: nativescript-angular-web-starter.

Previews and Screenshots

You can check previews and screenshots of this application for Web, Android and iOS platforms at


  1. Globally installed Nativecript - npm install -g nativescript
  2. Globally installed Angular CLI - npm install -g angular-cli
  3. Mac OS to build iOS app.


  1. git clone
  2. cd ngxp-quotes-app
  3. npm run ngxp-install
    • As we are using nativescript-firebase plugin, just press y for below two questions when asked while installation.
      • are you using iOS?
      • are you using android?
      • For all other questions press n.

Run Web application

npm start - This will start the application at http://localhost:4200.

Run iOS Application

  • First start the simulator or connect the iOS device.
  • Execute npm run start.ios
  • Note - If you are using XCode8 then you need to set the DEVELPMENT_TEAM. There are two ways to set it.
    1. Using XCode
      • After executing npm run start.ios command, open project wordspace file nativescript/platforms/ios/nativescript.xcworkspace in XCode
      • Click on nativescript project in XCode and set Team from General Tab.
      • The issue with thie approach is, you need to set it everytime you remove and add the iOS platform.
    2. From build.xconfig (preferable)
      • Open nativescript/app/App_Resources/iOS/build.xconfig file.
      • Uncomment DEVELOPMENT_TEAM = YOUR_TEAM_ID; line, and enter your team id.

Run Android Application

  • Execute npm run


You can execute any valid command of angular-cli from web/ folder and any valid command of nativescript-cli from nativescript/ folder. For convenince below are the commands which you can execute from root directory.


Command Description
npm run ngxp-install Installs dependencies of web and nativescript applications. Creates symlink of x-shared folder in both web and nativescript project.

Web Application

Command Description
npm start Starts web application at http://localhost:4200
npm run Starts web application in production mode. Runs uglification and minification.
npm run start.aot Performs AOT for web application templates and starts web application.
npm run Performs AOT, minification, uglification and starts web application.
npm run build Builds the web application and copy the built project in web/dist folder.
npm run Builds the web application in production mode and copy the built project in web/dist folder.
npm run build.aot Performs AOT, build the project and then copy the built project in web/dist folder.
npm run Performs AOT, prepares production build and then copy the built project in web/dist folder.
npm test Runs web application and x-shared unit test cases. It will not generate code coverage report.
npm run test-cc Runs web application and x-shared unit test cases and generates code coverage report.

Nativescript Application

Command Description
npm run start.ios Runs application on iOS emulator/device
npm run Runs application on Android emulator/device
npm run livesync.ios Starts application in livesync mode on iOS emulator/device.
npm run Starts application in livesync mode on Android emulator/device.

Known Issues and Solution

  1. Angular dependencies at two levels for AOT support
  • Currently we have added angular dependencies in root level package.json and web/package.json. Because, AOT does not work properly when we use path mapping and this issue is reported and can be traked at and PR: Once this issue is resolved we can add path mapping as shown below and remove the angular dependencies from web/package.json, so in case of any version update we just need to change the version at root directory level.


    "paths": {
        "@angular/*": ["../../node_modules/@angular/*"]

Attributes (All are npm packages)

  1. nativescript-cardview
  2. nativescript-floatingactionbutton
  3. nativescript-iqkeyboardmanager
  4. nativescript-material-icons
  5. nativescript-ngx-fonticon
  6. nativescript-plugin-firebase
  7. nativescript-social-share
  8. nativescript-swiss-army-knife
  9. nativescript-theme-core
  10. angular-mdl
  11. Awesome framework and toolchain of Nativescript and Angular.
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