Code examples for the new features of iOS 8.
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Code examples for the new features of iOS 8.

How to build

JUST BUILD basically, however please note below:

Provisioning Profile

When try the HealthKit or HomeKit examples, you have to use a provisioning profile for which HealthKit or HomeKit are enabled.


Audio Effects

Distortion and Delay effect for audio using AVAudioEngine.

New Image Filters

New filters of CIFilter such as CIGrassDistortion, CIDivideBlendMode, etc...

Custom Filters

Custom CIFilter examples using CIKernel.

Metal Basic

Render a set of cubes using Metal. Based on Apple's "MetalBasic3D" sample.

Metal Uniform Streaming

Demo using a data buffer to set uniforms for the vertex and fragment shaders.


Render a 2D image on 3D scene using SceneKit framework.


Fetch all types of data which are available in HealthKit. Need to use a provisioning profile for which HealthKit is enabled.


Invoke Touch ID verification using LocalAuthentication.

Touch Radius

Visualize the radiuses of touches using a new property of UITouch.

Visual Effects

Example for UIBlurEffect and UIVibrancyEffect.

Table Separator Effect

Example of separatorEffect which is a new property of UITableView.

Ruby Annotation

Display the pronunciation of characters using CTRubyAnnotationRef.


Browsing example using WKWebView.


Show Alert or ActionSheet using UIAlertController.

User Notification

Schedule a local notification which has custom actions using UIUserNotificationSettings.


Get relative altitude using CMAltimeter. It works only on devices which have M8 motion co-processor.


Counting steps demo using CMPedometer. It works only on devices which have M7 or M8 motion co-processor.


Media playback demo using AVKit framework.


Generate a histogram from an image using the filters CIAreaHistogram and CIHistogramDisplayFilter.

Code Generator

Generate Aztec Code and 128 Barcode.

New Fonts

Gallery of new fonts.


Example of UIPopoverPresentationController.

Table Row Action

Example of UITableViewRowAction.

Accordion Fold Transition

Transitions from one image to another by folding like accordion. However it doesn't work correctly...PULL REQUESTS welcome!!


Shuichi Tsutsumi

iOS freelancer in Japan. Welcome works from abroad!

Support via PayPal

Special Thanks

Icons and LaunchImages are designed by Okazu